About Me

My name is Kieran, I am a youth and children’s minister in the Midlands of England. Originally I am from near Glasgow in Scotland, but I have spent time living in Chicago and Sheffield. I have been in the Midlands for two years and I am currently work for an Anglican church however I am not from an Anglican background.

I have a BA in Theology with Missional Leadership from ICC in Glasgow.

I drink too much coffee and support Glasgow Rangers.

I love to read theology books and engage in  the ecclesiological conversation.        This blog is a collection of my thoughts on various issues, reviews of the books that I am reading and other random things that pop into my head. My aim is to be open and transparaent about various theological issues that I am wrestling through and would greatly appreciate comments on the posts that interest you.

My hope is also to link to the many good theological resources that are out there.


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