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What Bible Translation should I use?

Last Sunday evening at Christianity Explored, I was asked the question, ‘I want to buy a Bible, which translation should I get?’

What would you say?

Of course there is merits in every translation. For a serious look at translations it may be worth buying this book.

For a few years I was as bad as the KJV only guys, only my bible of choice was the ESV. But the church I am involved with use the NIV so for most of the studies and sermons I do I use the NIV.

Basically, the best advice possible is get a translation that you can read, and read it!

For serious study I use the ESV.

For sermons and talks I use the NIV.

Currently I am reading the Bible from start to finish using the Amplified Bible.

How passionate are we for the Word of God?


Everything you have always wanted to know about Satan, Demons and Zombies…

Last week I read Mark Driscoll’s blog on Satan, demons and zombies. I found it very interesting.

Genesis 3 is one of the most important chapters in the entire Bible because it explains the source of and solution to sin and death. In painful brevity, with each word dripping horror, we read how the human rebellion against God that began with the first sin is altogether foolish, tragic, and mad.

The scene is the beautiful and perfect garden made by God for our first parents to live in together without sin and its many effects. There, God lovingly and graciously speaks as a father to Adam and Eve, giving them complete freedom to enjoy all of creation, except for partaking of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which was forbidden.

Check it out- its worth a read.

On this Day in History…

On this day in history…. this did not happen…


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