A very interesting blog post by Pastor Mez McConnel.


I am a (very convinced) Reformed Baptist, ministering and working in an independent Evangelical Church. I have even written a short book on preparing people (confessing believers) for baptism. Since my move to Scotland 5 years ago I became aware of ‘Presbyterians’ of all shapes and forms. Free Church, C of S, Continuing Free, United Free Church of Scotland, Reformed Presbyterian Church of Scotland. Are there more? Probably. Now, I have to confess my complete ignorance of all things Presbyterian before my arrival. My only experience of this denomination was in Brazil where, I have to say, they are doing an extremely credible job in producing serious theological study. In Scotland, however, the reputation was of people not allowed to get the bus on a Sunday, who don’t celebrate Christmas and don’t like musical instruments. So, not very ‘free’ at all then.

So, what have I learned during my stay…

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