Blog Round Up

This morning I thought it would be good to do a blog round up of all the interesting and engaging posts that I have read over the past couple weeks.

So here goes:

David Robertson and the Tron Church

David Robertson,
pastor of St. Peters Free Church in Dundee has been boldly speaking up for our brothers and sisters in St. George’s Tron in Glasgow city centre. The congregation of the Tron are being forced out of their building (which they have recently completed a £3 million renovation) by the Church of Scotland. David writes passionately, clearly and logically.

Click here for post 1.  

Click here for post 2.

Click here for post 3

In David’s third post he asks some very deep questions about Evangelicalism. This post is provocatively titled ‘Why I no Longer Call Myself and Evangelical’  this is without a doubt a very interesting read and I find myself agreeing with him. Here is and extract from the blog:

For a number of years I have been uncomfortable with the term ‘evangelical’. It sounds good but I am increasingly confused as to what is actually means. The evangel is of course the Gospel, the Good News. An evangelical is a Christian who lives, believes and communicates the Good News. And there was my first problem – surely every Christian does that, and if they do not in what meaningful sense can they be called a Christian? But evangelical has been used in the past couple of hundred years to refer to those Christians who would hold to the centrality of the Bible, the centrality of the Cross-, the necessity of evangelism and evangelical good works. Many churches would call themselves evangelical; numerous inter-denominational organisations such as Tear Fund, SU, and UCCF are evangelical. So what is the problem?

Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin?

Tim Challies wrote a very interesting blog post earlier this week.  The post  is bound to cause a bit of debate. We have all heard the mantra by Christian’s ‘Love the sinner, hate the sin.’ Challies asks the question how this works when a persons sin is closely linked to their identity. Click Here

Another Left Behind Movie

Rumour has it that there will be another eschatological catastrophe ‘Left Behind’ movie this time starring Nicholas Cage… Click here.


6 warnings

Time managment

Coming out: Is ‘Evangelical’ the new ‘Homosexual’


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