Hello World!

Hello World,

I have decided to start a new blog. I really enjoy blogging but my last two blogs died a slow and painful death due to neglect. Time can be an issue, right? So I have decided to get back into blogging making sure that I actually make the time a couple times per week to sit down and spill my guts to the world (this is my hope at-least…). 

So why have I decided to start blogging again?

On Saturday I attended the Christian New Media Conference in London. It was a really good time of reflecting on all things internet. Exploring trends, thinking about how Christians come across online and exploring what it means to share the gospel in a ‘digital age’.

On the practical side of things the conference was very useful, lots was learned and many new relationships have been established. On the theology side of things I didn’t agree with everything however it was interesting to see how Christians across a very wide spectrum of theological opinion were reacting and engaging in all things social media.

The theme of the conference was story telling:

The digital revolution has transformed the art of story-telling, bringing it once more to the fore. If you think about it, much of what we are engaged with online is story-telling. We might be telling our story, our church or organisation’s story – but ultimately, as Christians, we are telling God’s story. 

I don’t want to give away all the interesting things that I learned just yet. Much of it I am still chewing over, but watch this space!




2 responses to “Hello World!

  • Hannah @ Hannah Says

    Hey There!

    I was at #CNMAC12 as well 🙂 Did you have a good time? Well clearly you did at least a little bit if you’ve started blogging. My one suggestion would be to go for a lighter theme but that’s more personal preference rather than an amazing tip or suggestion that’s going to change the world lol. But it’s each to their own so if you like it stick with it 🙂

    You might also find including a picture or a video in a post makes it more interesting and will make people want to stop and read – but either way good effort and keep with it 🙂

    • kjsmcknight

      Yes Hannah really did enjoy it. Was good to hear from some fantastic speakers and meet lots of new people.

      Thanks for your feedback- * takes feedback on board *

      Watch this space for more reflections…

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